Harry Charles & Jack Whitaker

We are proud to work with so many talented riders and we love giving you the chance to get to know them better.

In the latest episode of our intimate equestrian podcast, we chat with up-and-coming showjumpers Jack Whitaker and Harry Charles, who are the sons of the legendary Michael Whitaker and Olympic gold medallist Peter Charles.

Both have a won a string of gold medals as young riders and are now making their mark at senior level, taking on the biggest names in their sport – including their own dads!

This interview with Charles Owen is honest, funny and heart-warming – showing their love of their sport, their horses and their fathers, who have taught them everything they know.

Harry and Jack are good friends, which really comes across, as they laugh and chat together.

Jack talks about what it’s like to be part of the Whitaker clan and reveals secrets of the inner circle!

While Harry opens up about the disappointment and frustration of losing his double European gold due to a failed drug test, which he disputes to this day.

They also talk about:

  • Dealing with the pressure of following in their father’s footsteps
  • What they have learned from their dads
  • Their favourite horses
  • Life on the road
  • Bagging the best horses in their family!
  • Overcoming the disappointments of their sport
  • What they love about competing.