Environmental Commitment

environmental policy

A healthy planet is essential for our sport, our animals and our wellbeing.

Charles Owen is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment, and improving it wherever possible.

We proudly manufacture our products in Wrexham, North Wales. Soon after our new environment-centric facility was built, in 2003 we won the Welsh Civic Trust award for our efforts to support and improve the local environment.

As a holder of the Royal Warrant, we are regularly audited as a company to ensure we are meeting or exceeding a wide range of sustainability, environmental and ethical standards.


When it comes to making claims and messaging around sustainability, we believe all companies have a responsibility to be totally transparent and accountable.

Charles Owen is a member of Planet Mark, an internationally recognised sustainability certification. Through the process of being certified, Planet Mark help us to measure our carbon footprint and make continuous improvements to reduce it.

Achieving Planet Mark certification involves monitoring everything we do, from water and electricity usage to waste, recycling and fuel consumption.

To maintain the certification members must meet their minimum reduction targets each year.

With Planet Mark we are also protecting endangered rainforests by halting deforestation in Peru and supporting the Eden Project.

We look forward to sharing our sustainability goals and achievements as we work towards Net Zero.


Aside from our work with Planet Mark, an internal committee meets on a quarterly basis to review our practices to ensure the business is meeting its environmental targets and goals as set by the company directors.

The key points of its strategy aim to minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible, minimising greenhouse gas emissions and actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.

We also plan how we can minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution, and meet or exceed all environmental legislation.

Current practice

  • Making our products in Britain minimises delivery miles to our core markets
  • Raw materials are sourced as locally as possible, from carefully vetted and responsible suppliers
  • Rainwater harvesting from the factory roof, used for production processes
  • Invest in our own specially-tuned polystyrene (EPS) machine, cooled using rainwater
  • Carefully measure our water waste and reuse as much as possible
  • Eco-friendly LED lighting throughout our facility
  • Highly efficient heating system which re-circulates heat from machinery to provide heating to other areas of our building
  • Re-use cardboard waste for packaging
  • Website runs off sustainable energy and is optimised for speed and performance
  • Cycle-to-work scheme offered to all employees
  • Wild meadow supports insects and local wildlife
  • Discontinued fabrics used to make blankets for local homeless charities and provided to schools for craft lessons
  • Information provided to everyone in the company to encourage and support them to support their environment at work and home.

2020 key achievements

  • Reduced our waste-to-landfill by 50% vs. 2019
  • Reduced our fibreglass waste by 20% vs. 2019
  • Appointed a Charles Owen eco-committee, an internal team responsible for driving the business to meet environmental targets and reviewing business practices
  • Installed a new digital system throughout our offices and factory to replace a paper system.

2021 environmental goals

  • By Q2, all Charles Owen riding hats will leave our factory in FSC sustainably sourced, recyclable boxes
  • By Q3, reduce fibreglass waste by a further 25%
  • By Q3, further reduce paper waste by 50% (80% Q3 2022)
  • By Q4, all Charles Owen products will be sold in sustainable and eco-friendly recycled packaging
  • By Q4, 100% sustainable energy for our HQ and factory
  • By Q4, company vehicles to transition from using diesel to petrol, hybrid or electric.

For more information about how we strive to protect and improve our environment, please get in touch.