Laura Kraut – How PAS015 saved my life

In September 2020, top US Showjumper Laura Kraut survived a major fall where her horse stepped on her head twice, wearing studs.

Her Charles Owen Ayr8 helmet saved her life because it carries the strict PAS015 safety standard.

Laura’s accident serves to prove the difference that a PAS015 helmet brings when saving a life.

Charles Owen shared the photograph below of Laura’s helmet after the fall, and it reached 1.2m people on social media.

Many of the 700+ comments were from riders asking questions around why all helmets do not carry this standard.

After our accident investigation was completed within our on-site lab, we invited Laura in to the Charles Owen facility to learn more about our helmets and share her story. Watch the video above.

Here is the original post on Facebook:

If you read one social post today let this be it…

These images show the helmet of top US Showjumper Laura Kraut after her recent fall. Laura’s horse was wearing studs and as Laura landed her head was stepped on twice.

Laura sustained injuries to her face but incredibly is back in the show ring today as her helmet was designed to withstand this kind of impact scenario, the PAS015 (PAS015:2011) standard, with a BSI Kitemark (this kitemark means the helmet is retested every year).

If your helmet does not show this ‘PAS015’ BSI Kitemark on the label, your helmet is not designed to withstand this level of crush or stud injury.*

What could have been a much worse injury wasn’t just prevented because she wore a helmet, but because she wore THE RIGHT helmet.

You only get one head and one brain, protect it with the best. All Charles Owen branded riding hats are made in Britain and tested at their in-house testing facility.

Please share this post to protect your fellow riders from a future fatal accident and to raise awareness of the importance of the ‘PAS 015’ standard.
Laura wore an Ayr8 on the day of her accident and is remarkably already back competing today.

*SNELL safety standard also provides a very high level of protection for crush and stud injuries, you can find this in our 4STAR helmet. VG1 & ASTM do also provide a level of protection but not to the same level as PAS 015.