How to measure and fit a riding hat

riding helmet fitting

A properly fitted helmet is essential to riding safely. Our fitting tips below will help you to get the correct sizing and we’ll also share a video to show you what happens during a professional fitting.

Whether you have a helmet fitting at one of our stockists, on stand at any of the many international events we attend each year, or you have little option but to measure and size your own head, our goal is to ensure you find the best fit and the safest helmet.

Charles Owen’s helmet range caters for every head shape. If one helmet model doesn’t feel quite right, try a Round Fit version or another model.

How to size your head for a riding helmet

Using a soft fabric measuring tape, wrap it around the widest part of your head.

It should follow a line about one inch above your eyebrows, just above the ear line and around the bump at the back of your head.

Take the measurement in centimetres (cm) for the most accurate sizing.

Use our helmet size chart below to convert your head circumference into our standard helmet size. If you are between two sizes, try on helmets in both to determine which one gives the most snug fitting.

Riding hat size chart

Riding hat sizing chat

Tips for your riding helmet fitting

  1. Wear your hair the way your will when you ride
  2. Expect your new helmet to feel snug, but mention if you feel any pressure points on your head
  3. A new helmet will break in as you wear it and mould to the shape of your head. Therefore, it should fit like a new pair of boots: snug, with a firm and even pressure all the way around
  4. The chinstrap should sit just under the chin and gently touch the bottom of the ear lobe, avoiding the throat
  5. You should be able to put a finger between the strap and your chin
  6. The harness laces at the back of the helmet should be secured tightly
  7. Always adjust the chinstrap first, then the back laces
  8. Check which international equestrian safety standards your new helmet meets. A helmet that meets more than one of these standards is guaranteed to offer protection in a wider range of accident scenarios since each standard has different tests
  9. Ask any questions you have throughout your helmet fitting
  10. Know what you are looking for but be open to trying on a variety of different helmets. Even within the same range, each helmet model will fit slightly differently
  11. Got a rounder head? Most of our helmets now come in a Round Fit size
  12. Keep in mind that the safest helmet is the one that fits you head best!

Watch a professional helmet fitting

Roy Burek of Charles Owen demonstrates how to find the correct helmet size for your head and ensure it fits you comfortably and safely.

We want you to find the Charles Owen helmet you love, so feel free to ask our knowledgeable fitting experts any questions here.

Book a helmet fitting with your local stockist or browse our riding helmets.

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