Our Last Weekend At WEG

There was an exciting energy to the crowd that gathered at the Tryon International Equestrian Center for the final days of the World Equestrian Games. This weekend brought a thrilling close to the competition with the final medals to win in driving and show jumping. It was also a wonderful opportunity to fit riders in a new helmet and know that we’ve helped to make a safer world over the past two weeks.

One of the standout stars of the week was our SP8, which was popular with riders from all corners of the globe. The flattering, wide brim is not only on trend, but also offers incredible sun protection for the face and neck. We were excited to send so many riders off with an SP8 to keep them cool and stylish in the saddle. Though it’s available in microsuede and sparkly options, the leather look was almost everyone’s favorite!

With hunting season starting, our velvets were also especially popular. Our Fian has been a stunning and elegant choice since we first introduced it, and we were happy to see how many riders decided to bring one home from WEG with them. It wasn’t just a popular choice with foxhunters; we had more than a few show jumpers who wanted to showcase a classic look in the arena!

We’re currently packing up the booth we called home for the last two weeks. It was a joy to meet so many international riders representing all of the disciplines offered at WEG, an opportunity we only have at a competition of this scale. Seeing so many fans decked out in their country’s colours to support their athletes and cheer them to their final salute or across the finish line is something that we’ll always remember!

Finally, being able to show the true extent of our vast range of helmets and fits was one of our favorite parts. Introducing our helmets with extra ventilation, removable liners, round fit and more allowed us to share that we have the safest and most diverse collection available for any and all equestrians.

We hope to see you all again at the next competition. In the meantime, be sure to tag Charles Owen on social media when you post about your new helmet or Airowear body protector and use the hashtag #safety365 so we can like and share!

Charlotte Dujardin
I trust Charles Owen to take care of me with safety and style.
Charlotte Dujardin CBE