Charles Owen’s Round Fit helmets

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What is a Round Fit helmet?

Charles Owen Round Fit helmets are shaped to fit and suit riders with a rounder head or face.

Have you struggled to find a helmet that doesn’t feel tight on the sides? Have you tried on Charles Owen helmets in the past and found them to be too oval in shape for your head? If so, you’re probably a Round Fit!

Charles Owen has a wide range of helmets that will be your perfect match, whether you’re looking for a cross-country skullcap, a velvet for the showing ring, a unique bespoke helmet or a helmet to hack in!

Charles Owen is dedicated to finding the best fitting helmet for each rider, regardless of head shape and size. This is why the Round Fit is such an important part of the sizes in our extensive helmet range.

Which helmets are available in Round Fit?

Fitting tip: Always be sure to find the Round Fit helmet in your size instead of trying on a larger size helmet. If you simply increase the helmet size in a standard fit, the helmet is likely to be too large and may fall forward while you’re riding.

Charlotte Dujardin
I trust Charles Owen to take care of me with safety and style.
Charlotte Dujardin CBE