Riding helmets for round head shapes

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Have you struggled to find a riding helmet that doesn’t feel tight on the sides?

If so you will likely have a rounder shaped head and need to choose a ‘Round Fit’ sized helmet.

Types of head shape

Everyone’s head shape is slightly different, but there are two basic head shapes: round and oval.

Traditionally riding helmets have been designed for oval shaped heads because they tend to be more common.

Charles Owen is committed to ensuring that our helmets comfortably fit every horse rider, regardless of head shape and size, because a helmet is only safe if it properly fits your head.

After many years of research, today we offer a wider variety of sizing that caters for riders with rounder shaped heads.

Charles Owen sizing is typically very specific because that ensures the safest and most comfortable fit.

If you prefer adjustable sizing with a dial-fit mechanism, have a look at our new Kylo helmet.

We are confident that every rider will find a Charles Owen model that fits their head perfectly and looks great too!

What is a Round Fit helmet?

Charles Owen Round Fit helmets are shaped to fit and suit riders with a rounder head or face.

More than two-thirds of our helmet models now come in ‘Round Fit’ (RF) sizing.

Whether you’re looking for a cross-country skull cap, a velvet riding hat for the showing ring, a personalised bespoke helmet or a helmet to hack in, you’ll now be able to find a Charles Owen that’s made for your head shape.

How to tell if you have a round or oval head

The best way to work out your head shape is from the top, not the face.

Flatten your head down as much as you can, then have somebody else look down on the top of your head.

head shapes riding helmet
Determining head shape – bird’s eye view

Should you choose a Round Fit helmet?

Most heads are more oval than round, but if your head shape is noticeably rounder then you will likely find a Round Fit helmet more comfortable.

Round shaped heads will feel tight pressure points on the sides when wearing an oval helmet (standard fit), and it may rock front to back.

Oval shaped heads will feel tight pressure points on the forehead when wearing a Round Fit helmet, and it may rock sideways.

Always be sure to find the Round Fit helmet in your size instead of trying on a larger size helmet.

If you simply increase the helmet size in a standard fit, the helmet is likely to be too large and may fall forward while you’re riding.

Watch a round head helmet fitting

Which helmets are best for rounder heads?