How to clean your riding helmet

How to clean your riding helmet

Keeping a riding helmet fresh through regular cleaning will prevent odours and mould developing inside the headband, and ultimately prolong the life of your helmet.

Helmets are fragile and need special care. It’s really important to use cleaning products that are specially formulated for use inside a riding helmet.

Never dry clean your helmet, expose it to harsh solvents, or put it in a washing machine!

A growing number of our riding helmets now come with removable headband which are machine washable, but the below will still help!

Specialised cleaning products

Riding Helmet Cleaner & Deodoriser

The new Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner and Deodoriser provides a complete cleaning solution to improve the longevity of your helmet, keeping it fresh, sanitary and safe.

This new eco formula is specifically formulated to gently break up dirt and grease. It effectively removes sweat, sunscreen, makeup and dust.

The deodorising formula also neutralises odour-causing bacteria, leaving a refreshing lemon and grapefruit fragrance.

Simply spray onto the lining of the helmet and then leave it in a cool place to dry. Perfect for a quick refresh between rides.

7 easy steps to clean a riding helmet

Follow these easy steps to effectively clean and care for your helmet:

  1. Always test on a small area first and shake bottle well before use.
  2. Spray the Helmet Cleaner and Deodoriser onto the helmet headband from a distance of 10-15cm. If the headband is removable please remove the headband prior to cleaning.
  3. Allow to sit for two to three minutes. This is important because it gives the cleaner time to work
  4. Take a damp cloth and gently work the cleaner into the headband in a circular motion. Use the minimum amount of water so that the helmet liner isn’t fully soaked and will be able to dry quickly
  5. Repeat until all the dirt from the headband has transferred to the cloth
  6. To clean the outside of your helmet, use a soft brush or cloth and water to gently wipe away any dried mud or dirt.
  7. After you’ve cleaned your helmet, leave it out to dry completely. Never leave it in front of a radiator or open fire.