Charlotte Dujardin CBE

We are excited to bring you an exclusive interview with triple-gold medallist Charlotte Dujardin.

In this special interview for our equestrian podcast, Charlotte talks frankly about her life and her sport – the massive highs and crashing lows – and why she is still as hungry as ever for future medals and success.

We find out how her nerves nearly got the better of her at Rio, and why being offered a job as a groom for Carl Hester 14 years ago changed her life forever.

Charlotte also talks about:

  • The special bond between her and Valegro – why there will NEVER be another ‘Blueberry’
  • What she looks for in a dressage horse
  • Her amazing new ride, the “pocket rocket” Gio (aka Pumpkin)
  • Her relationship with her friend and mentor Carl
  • The pressures of achieving so much in her sport, in such a short space of time
  • Struggling with social media at the height of her success
  • Learning to be more in the moment and enjoy her achievements
  • Why she knows she will win another Olympic gold medal.

At Charles Owen we are proud to work with some the of the biggest names in equestrian sport, and they don’t come much bigger than Charlotte.

The 35-year-old dressage superstar, won the hearts of the British public at London 2012 with her ‘dancing horse’, Valegro, on whom she won double gold.

The pair went on to become both World and European champions, break numerous records, and win a further gold and team silver at the Rio Olympics.

Why Charlotte trusts Charles Owen

After the interview, Charlotte was invited to the Charles Owen facility to open the new ‘Home of Innovation’ lab.

She also designed and made her own My Ayr8® (see second video below)!