ReZro Innovation Hub

The Charles Owen Innovation Hub is thrilled to welcome RE ZRO® into its network of innovators.

Together, under a shared vision, they aspire to redefine the future of equestrian safety equipment, where they prioritise high-performance and environmental consciousness.

The collaboration between RE ZRO® and the Charles Owen Innovation Hub is set to pave the way for a new era in sustainable rider gear.

As a rider, you can expect ground-breaking advancements that prioritise both performance and environmental responsibility.

About RE ZRO®

RE ZRO® is the world’s first biodegradable and recyclable impact protection.

The distinctive purple armour boasts flexibility, lightweight construction, high ventilation and a low profile allowing users to reach their peak performance without compromising protection.

What sets RE ZRO® apart is its dedication to environmental responsibility throughout the product’s lifestyle.

Unlike conventional body armour, RE ZRO® is currently the only solution in the world that provides top-tier impact protection whilst causing minimal harm to the environment in both the manufacturing and end-of-life processes.

The material is recyclable and independently tested for biodegradability, with RE ZRO®TPE material achieving an impressive biodegradability rate of 14.14% over 90 days.


Watch this space, a new garment is coming, combining the state-of-the-art protection of RE ZRO® with Charles Owen’s expertise in body protection. Expect elevated safety and performance. Stay tuned for updates!

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