How wide peak riding helmets protect you from the sun

SP8 Plus provides shade

There’s nothing much better than riding on a lovely sunny day, but the sun itself can cause skin damage and affect your visibiltiy.

Sun protection riding helmets

Though wearing a helmet that offers sun protection doesn’t replace the importance of sunscreen with SPF, it can help you avoid exposure to harmful UV rays.

When we decided to design a riding helmet that offered great sun protection, it was important it had a peak that was not only safe but provided shade to the entire face and upper neck.

Our sun protection helmets provide more effective coverage because they dip down at the sides rather than imitating a polo helmet. This allows them to provide coverage down to the base of the neck. 

The deep, wide peaks provide an exceptionally flattering look along with incredible coverage.

Which helmets offer sun protection?

There are two main riding helmets that come with a wide peak: SP8 Plus and My PS with Wide Peak.

The SP8 Plus has been designed specifically for warmer climates:

  • Flattering brim is deep and wide to provide shade to the entire face and upper neck
  • Our “Free Fit” ventilation system, which includes a cut-out air channel at the brow. This allows air to flow across the forehead and through the centrally-located front and rear ventilation slots
  • Thermoregulation silver paint available
  • Removable washable liner to keep it fresh every day.

Our newest sun protection helmet is the My PS with Wide Peak. It is unique in the industry by offering MIPS technology on top of three safety certifications.

With an outershell made of lightweight ABS plastic, the My PS with Wide Peak provides our widest peak yet to shade the face and upper neck from the harmful effects of the sun.

It has 10 ventilation slots and a removable, washable liner.