Safety first

At Charles Owen, we are committed to safety and saving lives.

We have the largest range of helmets independently certified to three international equestrian safety standards, offering a wider range of protection in an accident. All of our safety helmets are subject to random and independent batch testing to ensure the highest level of protection is consistently met.

Our design engineers currently represent Great Britain on the European Standards of Safety and are leading members of the ASTM International (American Society of the Testing of Materials), the major equestrian safety standards body in the United States.

Research and development

By investigating real accident situations and using cutting edge research, we are able to develop the greatest range of highly protective helmets and body protectors available to the equestrian world today.

How helmets work

A Charles Owen riding helmet comprises of a hard outer shell with a protective liner made of high-grade polystyrene, a material that can be considered as microscopic bubble wrap. Upon impact, layers of bubbles burst, giving your head more stopping distance and therefore reducing the chance of injury to the brain.

Safety standards

Charles Owen manufactures to some of the top international safety standards for riding helmets and body protectors. The three major helmet standards are the PAS 015, BSEN 1384 and ASTM F1163.

Each standard tests for a different set of accident situations. Helmets that meet multiple standards provide the most comprehensive protection and cover a wider range of potential accident situations.