Charles Owen V8

Ever wish that you could change out a sweaty helmet for a fresh one between rides? Charles Owen is delighted to introduce the new V8 helmet. Featuring a detachable helmet liner which can be removed and is machine washable, the V8 is Charles Owen’s most versatile helmet yet. The liner attaches into the helmet using premium hook and loop closure and is easy to remove and replace.

In addition to the removable helmet liner, the V8 offers extra cooling for optimal performance using Charles Owen’s “Free Fit” system. 50% of heat is situated on the head’s forehead and this innovative fit system improves cooling by increasing airflow with cross ventilation. This pulls air into the helmet and allows it to escape through the slots at the top and back. The Coolmax mesh at the front of the helmet cradles the forehead, wicking the beads of sweat as soon as they form and evaporates them in the adjacent air channel, creating the rider’s own personal air-conditioning, The “Free Fit” system creates for the most airflow possible.

The V8’s smart quick release buckle in a high strength alloy fastens the new 6-point patented GRpx® harness for unsurpassed stability. The new harness contacts the head in 6 different points - locking the helmet onto the occipital bone for a greater range of head shapes and creating the ultimate in security. For the rider who suffers with helmet movement, this harness could be the answer.

Black microfibre suede side panels pair perfectly with the extra fine, breathable mesh centre, covering the high gloss black or heat reflective silver painted shell. When choosing the silver centre, the V8 offers even more in cooling possibilities. With technology used widely in heat control, a metallic coating is applied over the whole outer surface of the shell and works underneath a variety of fabric coverings. Infrared radiation is effectively reflected away from the head. Keeping a cool head in the scorching sun requires more than just ventilation, and the V8 gives you the solution with thermouregulation silver paint.

Fit is the essence of a truly safe helmet and the V8 features the Charles Owen Microfit system which creates a superb fit. The Microfit system is a unique adjusting system that will allow the helmet to remould itself to conform to your exact head shape. This remoulding avoids the need for oversized helmets and in the hands of an expert helmet fitter, can allow a helmet to be customised for an elegant look.

As with nearly all Charles Owen helmets, the V8 carries triple safety standard certifications. Helmet Standards are the written requirements that helmets must pass before being certified. Each of the individual standards have their own criteria, putting different emphasis on the ability of the helmet to prevent either the most severe types of head injuries a rider may experience or focus on protecting the more prevalent injuries. The V8 is certified to three of the major international helmet standards include: ASTM F1163 (U.S), PAS015:2011 (Great Britain), and BSEN1384 (Europe). 

Spare detachable helmet liners for the V8 are sold separately.

Sizes: 6 7/8 to 7 1/4

Available Colours: All Black, Black with Silver

Safety Standards: Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163 and Kitemarked to PAS 015 and BSEN 1384.