Tips For Your Helmet Fitting

Whether you have a fitting at one of our stockists or on stand at any of the many international events we attend each year, our goal is to help you find the best fit and the safest helmet. The tips outlined above are designed to prepare you for your fitting, and we wanted to share some extra information to help you make the most of it:

  1. Do you foxhunt? Compete in dressage? Enjoy hacking out on weekends? Is ventilation a priority? Do you want to design your own custom helmet? Certain styles of helmet will best suit your discipline and needs, and with our range of more than 30 models, we’re sure we can find the helmet that will meet all of your needs! However, even within the same range, each helmet model will fit slightly differently. That’s why you should know what you’re looking for, but be open to trying on a variety of different helmets.
  2. We start each fitting by measure the circumference of your head to determine what size helmet you will need. Though we will fit you with your hair down to find the correct helmet size and shape, putting your hair up when you ride can change the fit and feel of your helmet. We will always end the fitting by accommodating the way you wear your hair and that’s why at your fitting, you should wear your hair the way you will when you ride.
  3. A new helmet will break in as you wear it and mould to the shape of your head. Therefore, it should fit like a new pair of boots: snug, with a firm and even pressure all the way around. However, there shouldn’t be any gaps or pain. That’s why you should expect your new helmet to feel snug, but let us know if you feel any pressure points.
  4. Our fitters are knowledgeable and are happy to serve as resources during your fitting and for the life of your helmet. We want you to have a great experience and to leave with a helmet you love, so always feel free to ask any questions you have throughout your fitting.
  5. Check to see which international equestrian safety standards your new helmet meets. A helmet that meets more than one of these standards is guaranteed to offer protection in a wider range of accident scenarios since each standard has different tests. However, also keep in mind that the safest helmet is the one that fits the best!

We hope you feel confident that the next Charles Owen helmet fitting you have will leave you ready to ride in the best fitting helmet available!