Roy Burek Presents At International Brain Mechanics Lab Workshop

Managing Director Roy Burek travelled to the Ecole de Physique des Houches in the French Alps from Feb. 14-19 to attend New Challenges in the Physics of the Brain: From Cells to Organs, a workshop organized by the International Brain Mechanics Lab.

“The great thing about this workshop was that it covered the basics behind brain growth and injury,” said Roy. “At conferences you’re expected to know it all, but at this workshop, the first of its kind led by the international brain group, the theoreticians and the clinicians started from first principles but quickly brought you up to the leading edge of the state of the art. The speakers were first rate researchers and you could only marvel at the work being done.”

The conference united leaders in their respective related fields from across the world, and each brought a unique perspective, research angle and passion for increasing global knowledge of brain physics. Attendees had the opportunity to make connections at the conference that have already led to a variety of potential collaborative projects.

Topics ranged from cerebral electrochemistry to traumatic brain injury to brain mechanics and cognitivity. Roy joined fellow HEADS Supervisors, Professor Michael Gilchrist, Professor Svein Kleiven and Dr. Nele Famaey, to speak at the event.

“Being asked to present was a true honour. Much of the work being done is fundamental and many researchers found my overview of the mechanism of neuron death very enlightening,” said Roy. “Of course, nothing is simple with the brain and ensuing discussions identified some further experimental work required to identify the forces involved in neuronal death.

“It was a most useful week that confirmed and expanded my understanding of this extremely complex area with a number of new collaborations under way that will lead to better helmets,” he concluded.

Roy has made Charles Owen a leading name in brain injury research for equestrians as the company continually invests in new research and technology to keep riders safer. Charles Owen has been recognized for its dedication to research with several research grants, including one awarded to Charles Owen as a first-round winner of the Head Challenge III Project, presented by the NFL, GE and Under Armour, last year, and is thrilled to continue along a path of innovation.


The HEADS project, a European network for Advanced Designs in Safety, an Innovation Training Network funded under the European Commission’s Marie Sklodowska-Curie Programme, aims to reach a new level of understanding of head injury and how head injury should be prevented, with directly applicable results to European industry.

About The International Brain Mechanics and Trauma Lab

The International Brain Mechanics and Trauma Lab (IBMTL) is an international initiative that has connected 31 academics to collaborate on projects related to brain function and trauma. The initiative’s goal is to collect information from multidisciplinary sources in the fields of biology, computing, engineering, mathematics, medical/clinical study, neuroscience, and physics.

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