Round Fits, Sparkly Customs, And More At WEG

Did you know that we have at least one helmet of every style available in round fit? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions we receive, and we’ve been thrilled to be able to offer riders an easy solution to this fitting problem!

Do you think you might need a round fit helmet and want to learn more about it? Check out this video showing the difference between our regular and round fits:

Our entire Ayr8® family is available in round fit, including all of our bespoke options. Whether you opt to design a helmet with the custom colour piping that matches the rest of your kit or add a sparkly trim like the one of a kind helmets we have on stand here at the World Equestrian Games this week, a round fit Ayr8® might be your perfect choice!

If you’re looking for a round fit helmet for hunting or showing instead, look no further than the Hampton. If classic velvet isn’t your style and you want some bling in the arena, the glittery eLumen8 or the fully ventilated and dazzlingly sparkly eLumenAyr are for you!

For the young riders here at the Tryon International Equestrian Center, the jR8 and jR8 Sparkly are both available in round fit. If you’re interested in a skullcap, our Young Riders Jockey, JS1 Pro, Pro II and Pro II Plus are all available in round fit as well!

Finally, our sporty, matte finish AyrBrush and our brand new AyrBrush With Pinstripe are also available in round fit. We’ve had an exclusive grey and silver AyrBrush With Pinstripe available at WEG, but all of the colour combinations – which pair chrome, black chrome, or rose gold with our mark-resistant paint finishes – have been flying off the shelves.

Whether you’re a regular fit or a round fit, come and try on any and all of these helmets at our stand today! Our professional fitters are on site to ensure that we find the best fitting and safest helmet that suits your style!

Charlotte Dujardin
I trust Charles Owen to take care of me with safety and style.
Charlotte Dujardin CBE