Meet Your LRK3DE Helmet Fitters

Will you be attending the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event? We’re thrilled to be a part of the event again this year and will have our full range of helmets and Airowear body protectors on stand to try on. We also have a knowledgable team of professional fitters that are passionate about safety. Each one brings a wealth of experience to Kentucky this year and is excited to help you find your perfect fit!

Name: Lindsy Gumbiner
Title: US Sales Representative for MidAtlantic Region
Riding Discipline: Ha! Not Enough?
Favorite Charles Owen Helmet: V8
Favorite Airowear Body Protector: AirMesh2
Top Fitting Tip: Your helmet should fit like a tight rubber band when brand new. Can you point to a spot where it’s too tight? It might be the wrong shape – try a round fit or another model. If it’s even pressure all around, you should be good to go! Your new Charles Owen helmet will adjust in a short while and settle into a custom fit just for you.



Name: Ashley Aiken
Title: International Marketing Manager
Riding Discipline: Trail Riding
Favorite Charles Owen Helmet: SP8
Favorite Airowear Body Protector: AirMesh
Top Fitting Tip: My top fitting tip would be to use traditional hair nets versus ones that concentrate the hair into one area, in turn increasing the distance between your head and the helmet. A traditional hair net allows riders to fan their hair out across the back of the head to lessen the distance between the head and helmet, which helps to achieve the best fit to the head and not hair.


Name: Farrell Guy
Title: Sales & Customer Service
Riding Discipline: Eventing
Favorite Charles Owen Helmet: Without a doubt my 4Star, I wouldn’t trust anything else for the cross-country!
Favorite Airowear Body Protector: The Airmesh2 with Side Adjustment – all the ventilation of the Airmesh but with a convenient and comfortable elasticated side adjustment!
Top Fitting Tip: Be open to try on alternative styles to what you had originally planned on; the fit of the product should be paramount.



Name: Jasmine Wallace
Title: Content Manager
Riding Discipline: Dressage
Favorite Charles Owen Helmet: Ayr8® With Trim
Favorite Airowear Body Protector: The Flexion® for its fit and feel
Top Fitting Tip: Expect every helmet model to fit slightly differently, and keep in mind that if your head is as wide or wider from side to side than it is from front to back, one of our round fit helmets will probably be your best fit! It’s always better to try a round fit helmet instead of a larger size in our standard oval shape because you don’t want to end up with a helmet that falls forward while you’re riding.


Find us in Sponsor Village at Booth 38 for a professional helmet or body protector fitting!

Charlotte Dujardin
I trust Charles Owen to take care of me with safety and style.
Charlotte Dujardin CBE