This Esme

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We are thrilled to release this exclusive interview with YouTube superstar Esme Higgs.

This Esme is one of the biggest influencers in the equestrian world – with 500,000 subscribers and an incredible 100 million views on her YouTube channel, as well as over 200k followers on Instagram.

In this interview, Esme talks to Charles Owen about her incredible journey, from pony mad teen to YouTube sensation.

Esme is still only 19 years old, but has packed more in the last few years than most of us could dream of in a lifetime – and all thanks to living her life through a lens.

From interviewing her equestrian heroes, to riding William Fox-Pitt’s Badminton horse Little Fire, riding across lava in Iceland, and riding down the infamous Hickstead Bank – Esme has been there, done that.

“This job has given me so many amazing opportunities that I’m so grateful for, and so many skills,” says Esme. “I’ve really learnt from it.”

But Esme’s greatest joy comes from her three horses: Mickey, Casper and Joey. They are the real reason thousands of people watch her videos and follow her on Instagram.

Esme reveals in the podcast interview why she could never sell the “family pet” Mickey, how Casper went from green (and naughty) youngster to an “amazing all-rounder” and her plans for the future with newest recruit, Joey.

Esme also talks about:

  • Overcoming her shyness and how YouTube has boosted her confidence
  • Future plans for her YouTube videos
  • Her obsession with grey horses and her top tips on keeping them clean!
  • The pressure of being an influencer and how her friends keep her grounded
  • Dealing with negative comments on social media
  • Esme’s matchy matchy outfits!
  • Her favourite Charles Owen riding hats – and why she chooses them
  • Advice on creating a YouTube channel: “Do things for you, not other people because you’re not going to make everyone happy. Just do what makes you happy.”