Studfast Innovation Hub

Charles Owen is delighted to be supporting StudFast® as part of their Innovation Hub.

Upon discovering a promising British brand sharing their core values of safety, performance and advanced technology, they were compelled to aid in their mission to enhance horse welfare and rider safety.

About StudFast®

Representing one of the most exciting innovations in the equestrian world in recent years, StudFast® introduces the very first non-metal studs to the equine market.

Crafted from a highly innovative impact-resistant polymer, these studs offer a more forgiving alternative to traditional metal studs, aiming to reduce injuries and enhance application efficiency.

Notably lighter and featuring a distinctive orange colour, they are much easier to locate when dropped in the grass.

StudFast® has already been nominated for the prestigious Top 30 Innovations of 2024 at Spoga Horse and after just six months of trading, had many thousands of riders from five continents using the studs and they have been used whilst jumping clear around 5* Burghley Horse Trials.

For more information and to purchase the studs, please visit the StudFast® website at

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