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Charles Owen is delighted to announce its flagship partner to the Innovation Hub, the safety reins brand FR Vincitore.

With the safety of the horse and rider at the forefront of both the businesses, and FR Vincitore solving a very real problem with a unique product, it aligned perfectly with Charles Owen’s brand values and solidified the commitment to advancing equestrian safety and innovation.

About FR Vincitore

Witnessing several alarming incidents involving reins (riders becoming entangled while falling off, getting caught on gates during opening or closing, and horses getting their legs caught) served as the catalyst for the creation of FR Vincitore safety reins.

The vision was transformed into reality through the development of an innovative and ingenious multi-use connector.

FR Vincitore reins feature this ingenious connector, designed to pull apart under extreme force in the event of an accident.

This significantly reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring the safety of both horse and rider. The reins can be easily re-attached, ready for immediate use.

The reins will stay connected during normal use, e.g. jumping a large drop fence and moreover, they are fully approved by FEI, BE and BS.

FR Vincitore’s range includes various styles of reins, all equipped with the quick-release connector.

Different riders have diverse preferences for colours, grip styles, and profiles in their reins, therefore FR Vincitore offers a selection to cater to everyone’s needs.

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FR Vincitore reins

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FR Vincitore reins

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FR Vincitore reins

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