Get to know the “Free Fit” system

You may have noticed some Charles Owen helmet models have what we call the “Free Fit” ventilation system. It’s a completely unique way that these helmets provide the coolest ride available!

The “Free Fit” ventilation system operates on the understanding that the majority of heat is lost from the forehead. It combines a frontal air channel with Coolmax® mesh to significantly increase cooling and evaporation of sweat. Air is able to flow across the brow as you ride and then pass through the 10 ventilation slots over the top of the helmet.  By allowing for increased airflow across the brow, the “Free Fit” system evaporates sweat more efficiently.

Riders with a long oval head shape or a prominent brow might find that a helmet with the “Free Fit” system is a great fit. If your helmets tend to give pressure points at your temples or leave an uncomfortable mark across your forehead, the cut-out channel that provides superior ventilation will also give you relief without sacrificing any safety.

The SP8, SP8 Sparkly, V8 and 4Star all feature the “Free Fit” system.

Charlotte Dujardin
I trust Charles Owen to take care of me with safety and style.
Charlotte Dujardin CBE