5 essential riding helmet checks

The end of the year is a perfect time to check your safety equipment to ensure that it will keep you safe throughout the winter season and onward. Follow these steps to check that your helmet is ready to keep riding in and how to maintain it:

  1. Replace the helmet if it has been fallen in. If you have fallen off in your helmet, especially if you hit your head and/or had a headache after, your helmet will need to be replaced. This is because it will be unable to offer the same level of protection if you were to fall and hit your head in the same place again.
  2. Check for any external damage to the helmet or harness caused by normal wear and tear. Carefully go over your helmet to see if there is any visible damage or wear. The normal lifespan of a helmet is three to five years depending on the amount of use, so keep this in mind when gauging whether your helmet is ready for another season of riding.
  3. Ensure that the helmet still fits properly and hasn’t gotten too loose. If your helmet shifts forward and back on your head when it is on and the harness is snug and buckled, the padding of the headband has likely been compressed too far. Charles Owen offers refits on all of our helmets within the lifespan of the helmet, so you can bring the helmet to your local stockist to have it refitted if possible. Otherwise, it may be time to replace the helmet.
  4. Give your helmet a thorough cleaning. Use products that are specially formulated for the inside of your helmet to give it a deep cleaning. The Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner will remove any sunscreen, sweat, makeup and dust that built up during warm weather riding.
  5. Store your helmet carefully in between rides. Be careful to avoid keeping your helmet in temperatures below -20oC since this can damage the helmet. Also, be sure not to put the helmet away if it is wet after a rainy or snowy ride. Instead, allow it to dry fully and then store it to avoid any mould or rust.

Charlotte Dujardin
I trust Charles Owen to take care of me with safety and style.
Charlotte Dujardin CBE